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BeltWatchâ„¢ Switch Monitoring System

Finally, a system that will monitor all the trip switches on your conveyor and tell you which one caused the trip.

All this without replacing your installed switches and cabling.

Linked with “Pull Key Watch” we give you hassle free DMR compliance reporting – ask us how!

Use your existing switches

  • System is used to monitor the state of attached switches and cabling to enhance the protection integrity of conveyor safety equipment
  • Superior detection circuitry
  • Short circuits in cable detected
  • Open circuits in cable detected and indicated
  • Automated Device Addressing on the fly
  • Simplicity

Only Two wires required

  • No need to replace your existing wiring
  • Existing non-intelligent systems can be retrofitted with ease
  • Dual and Single Channel Masters are available (Left and Right side of the belt can have separate Master)
  • No need to reset devices one by one and going back to the Head End to find the tripped devices

Low Cost

  • ALL current tripped devices are indicated at the Master
  • Up to 60 devices per channel
  • Network Integration
  • Onboard Modbus RS485
  • Optional Pre-Programmed Modbus TCP / Profibus / Profinet / ControlNet gateways
  • Robustness

Switch and Terminator modules fitted to existing infrastructure